Manigo -

Your wallet's best friend!

Manigo is an international money and social payments platform with a multi currency MasterCard. It transforms the way we travel, transfer and manage money.

  • Unite all your financial apps into one app - for free!
  • Manage all your global transactions and payments on your mobile.
  • Frictionless group payments to split bills, collect or request money.
  • Save time and money with your personal budget manager.
  • Get Manigo, the most powerful foreign currency and money transfer app to date!

The most functional multi currency account to date

With Manigo you get a multi currency account as a standard. Save money and avoid unnecessary banking fees by exchanging the money directly in your wallet and transfer it instantly - for free!

Forget about the cash and focus on the fun!

Travel with a smile by using your ManigoCard™ to make purchases anywhere in the world where MasterCard™ is accepted. Your clever ManigoCard™ automatically uses the right currency and helps you eliminate your bank's hidden fees and inflated exchange rates.

Managing group payments has never been easier

Manigo takes out the stress of organizing group events: Enjoy every moment with your friends and let Manigo handle your group budget. Request, collect and split money as easily as sending a text!

Take control of your finances

Manigo shows all your transactions in the budget manager and helps you fully understand and analyse your spending.

We are serious about security

All customer funds are physically located in pooled client accounts at Barclays in the UK.

  • Your money can not be lent out by bank and a high level of protection is ensured.
  • All account transactions are done by independent FCA-regulated e-money and payment institutions.
  • Card transactions are processed by a MasterCard and Visa accredited processor.
  • ManigoCard is a MasterCard card, ensuring trusted bank-level encryption and worldwide recognition.

What do I need to know about Manigo?

Manigo is an international money and social payments platform with a multi currency MasterCard. With Manigo you can not only exchange, send and spend your money, but also do social payments, i.e. split bills, collect as well as request money and most importantly communicate whilst you do so within the app. Manigo is the first service to provide all essential personal money functions in one simple app, at best price and is truly social.

The whole Manigo account is truly free. We do not charge for any of your transactions and help you avoid hidden banking fees and inflated exchange rates. We exchange your currencies at the MasterCard wholesale rate plus 1% – one of the best rates on the market.

Your multi currency ManigoCard is accepted globally at all MasterCard® locations. It automatically converts into the local currency, so you don't have to worry about it. This means that even if you hold GBP but spend in Russian Ruble the card will convert from GBP to RUB at the time of the transaction. You can use your ManigoCard at home or abroad, it will act like a local card everywhere.


The more friends who join in, the richer is the Manigo experience.

Recommend the app to your friends and find out together just how useful Manigo can be.